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I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about the journalists; we can only hope they’ll die off as the deer flies do towards the end of august--
Letter from Saul Bellow to Philip Roth, 1984

A fearful shadow lies over the residents of uneasy street...

The longer one’s tenancy, the more untenable it becomes...

Jim thompson, “The grifters”

Welcome to the professional clearinghouse of Shawn Macomber.

Over the past decade I’ve churned out copy for Decibel, FANGORIA, the Wall Street Journal, Rue Morgue, Magnet, Maxim, Reason, Radar, Yankee, The Weekly Standard, the Los Angeles Times, and National Review, amongst many other fine and middling publications.

I’ve reported from five continents covering everything from combat in Iraq, riots in the Baltics, and two presidential elections to designer cat shows at Madison Square Garden, the cross Carrot Top bears, and the Carcass “Exhumed to Consume” reunion tour.   

My short story “Demon Envy” appears in the latest issue of Shroud. Another, “Queeny’s Last Run,” won the 2013 Fangoria “Weird Words” fiction competition.

In 2012 I spoke at the EMP Pop Conference held at New York University. My talk centered on post-Katrina sludge metal in New Orleans. I had a pleasant enough time and met many nice people. The general takeaway, nevertheless, is this: Those who like to imagine the Big Easy as a constant extended director’s cut of a Treme episode are not super amenable to...XXX...

My column “The Chasm Between Grand and Great” was collected in the journalism textbook Seeing & Writing 3.

I tweet and book my face because I was told multiple platforms are required for the success of my personal brand.

The results speak for themselves, though often as not I’d prefer they shut up...

You can also find me on YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud.

The critics ballot I cast for Village Voice’s 2012 Pazz & Jop poll is here.

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